Yellow Cheese

It belongs to “pasta filata” produced by stretching of fresh curd in a hot salty solution. It is known as the “Cheddar of the Balkans” because of the taste similarities, as well as smooth surface of a typically light yellow color.

Pasteurized natural cow milk from the Sharr region and starter cultures are preconditions for good taste and main characteristics of the yellow cheese. It has semi-hard elastic texture and milky flavor, without any undesired taste. Suitable as an appetizer and also as topping on dishes like pizza, pastry and meet.

Nutritional ValuesEnergy values per 100 g product
Calories1444kJ / 348kcal
Fat 28g
- saturated fat 17g
1036kJ / 252kcal
629kJ / 153kcal
Carbohydrates 3g
- sugars 3g
51kJ / 12kcal
51kJ / 12kcal
Proteins 21g357kJ / 84kcal
Salt 3g
Yellow Cheese 500g.
Yellow Cheese 500g.
Yellow Cheese 2kg.
Yellow Cheese 2.5kg.
Yellow Cheese 9kg.
Yellow Cheese 9kg.