Delicious dairy products made by traditional recipe!

Company for production, trade, catering and services HIT 73 from Kamenjene, Tetovo is privately owned company with over 75 employees. It is specialized in the processing and production of milk and dairy products. The dairy is located in the foothills of Sharr Mountain. It was founded by brothers Sadri and Azem Hajdari and is present in the Macedonian market for over 20 years meeting the demands and needs of its customers. HIT 73 dairy products in the recent years are also included in the markets of the Balkan Region.

The production of white and “Bieno” salt brine cheese, as well as the yellow cheese is of 100% fresh cow milk which is purchases everyday of over 1000 subcontractors of environmentally unpolluted Pollog region on the slopes of Sharr Mountain. Daily purchase and processing of fresh milk is 50 tons, which ranks HIT 73 Dairy among the biggest production and processing facilities in the Republic Macedonia. Besides products obtained from fresh cow milk, there are also produced anlogue cheese and ricotta cheese.