Suvogorsko white brine cheese

Represents an analogue cheese produced from pasteurized and homogenized reconstituted milk, fresh cow milk and palm oil, as basic components. Adding fresh cow milk makes the product taste like white brine cheese, and at the same time improves the quality of the final product. However, specific for this cheese is that it improves the properties of the final product such as firm texture, creamy milky taste, grating, and it is suitable for all tables.

Nutritional ValuesEnergy values per 100 g product
Calories1249kJ / 301kcal
Fat 26.5g
- saturated fats 16g
980kJ / 238kcal
592kJ / 144kcal
Carbohydrates 0.8g
- sugars 0.8g
13.6kJ / 3.2kcal
13.6kJ / 3.2kcal
Proteins 15g255kJ / 60kcal
Salt 3.2g
Suvagora cheese - 750g.
Suva Gora Cheese – 750g.
Suva Gora Cheese 2kg.
Suva Gora Cheese 1.8kg.
Suva Gora Cheese 4kg.
Suva Gora Cheese 4kg.