Cow & sheep milk white brine cheese

It is produced from high-quality cow and sheep’s milk from Sharr – Polog region with a combination of old tradition and modern technology and equipment. Cow & sheep milk white brine cheese is produced from fresh pasteurized cow and sheep’s milk by adding of unique starter culture, rennet and salt. Its passes through aging period of at least 60 days. Contains quality attributes such as creamy taste and specific acuity of sheep’s milk, brackish taste. Suitable for all cold or hot recipes that contain cheese.

Nutritional ValuesEnergy values per 100 g product
Calories1201kJ / 290kcal
Fat 24g
- satuated fags 16.5g
888kJ / 216kcal
611kJ / 149kcal
Carbohydrates 1.52g
- sugars 1.52g
26kJ / 6.1kcal
26kJ / 6.1kcal
Proteins 16.9g287kJ / 68kcal
Salt 3.1g

Mixed Cheese 500g.
Mixed Cheese 500g.